30 Funny Tweets About The Fireworks Going Off Nightly In Major Cities

Usually, around this time of the summer, people start doing their own DIY fireworks display. It’s often illegal, generally a nuisance, but not a super big deal. This year, things are different. If you live in a metropolitan area, especially New York and the surrounding boroughs, you have probably noticed that the fireworks are GOING OFF. In many cities, citizens have reported constant loud sonic booms and fireworks going off at all hours of the night. Some left-wing activists on Twitter suspect that it is a deliberate tactic being employed by police or government agents during a time of civil unrest.

However, despite what Twitter thinks, conspiracy theory researcher and debunker Mike Rothschild calls the fireworks conspiracy theory “ridiculous and totally unnecessary,” writing that “it doesn’t appear that there’s any evidence that anyone is giving fireworks to anyone else for nefarious purposes” and adding, “In fact, the ‘fireworks conspiracy theory’ appears to be nothing more than what almost every other conspiracy is: an attempt to find a better explanation than the explanation we’re being given.”

He says that there are so many fireworks on the streets of major cities because of all the “canceled 4th of July shows, baseball games, outdoor concerts, and other pyro-heavy events.

Whether folks are setting off fireworks nightly for fun or for nefarious purposes, Twitter’s got fireworks jokes and memes: