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I Promise, These Hilarious Tweets From Women This Week Are Worth Your Time (25 Tweets)

Happy 2021, everybody! (I can still wish everyone a Happy New Year until next Friday, after which, it’s just weird.)

Thank you for starting your year with the funniest tweets from women, I promise you’ll enjoy most of them, if not all of them, or your money back.

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Where do I invest in making these a reality?

It’s called self-care, look it up.

I just like the suspense.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled.

This is not the time for jokes.

I’ll take 1M.

I kind of expected this.

Cash me on the Twitters.

It’s all part of the “process”

Hot take!

These birds have no idea how hard I’m gonna pound them with my eyes.


E-Cities are the future.

Took me a minute.

Tell me her name! I have a right to know!

Please don’t message me the price, thanks.


They’re really piling up at this point.