Woman Asks British Friend To Fill Out Map Of The States, Now Map Is Going Viral

If I gave you a blank map of the United States, would you be able to correctly identify each state? I’ve tried multiple times in my life. My record is 48.

People look down on Americans for not knowing much about the world (or their own continent, really). But, many of us could at one time name every country in the world (thanks to an Animaniacs song).

An actress and writer named Shannon Barry tweeted her British friend’s attempt to label a map of the US. The results are hilarious.

Who’s the dummy now, Britain? Still us.

Here are some of the funniest attempts by a British person trying to correctly label a map of the United States:

1. You’re close!

2. North… what?

3. To be honest, I’d mess a few up. Good work on Texas!

4. Amazing.

5. This is a mess.

6. Let’s be serious for a second, though.

7. Yes.

8. Nub is a better name.

9. Here’s the entire map for your enjoyment:

People on Twitter had some things to say about this experiment:

10. They tried.

11. Sorta accurate.

12. Nailed it.

13. Hey!

14. Called out.

h/t Twitter: @Barry_Happy