People Are Sharing Their Worst Work Mistakes That Might Make You Feel Better About Yours

What is the worst work fuck up you’ve ever done? 

Very few people can hear this question without feeling their skin crawl and remembering something incredibly embarrassing you did at a job you most likely don’t have anymore. 

The worst work fuck up I have was from my first day waitressing and I spilled a tray of champagne glasses on an elderly woman’s head. I hadn’t quite figured out the physics of holding a tray of glasses without them spilling. I spent so much time cleaning up my mistake that my only other table got up and left. They left me a Yelp review that I had ruined their anniversary dinner. 

Someone on Twitter asked people to share their worst work fuck ups and like me, it seemed like everyone had something terrible immediately come to mind. 

1. Way to ruin their childhood! 

2. Probably a different Greg! 

3. Never take old drugs! 

4. Now play it double speed. 

5. I’m sure she’s figured it out now.

6. The office hero. 

7. Second-hand embarrassment here. 

8. Safe to say you don’t work there anymore? 

9. Ah yes, we sit next to each other. 

10. Whoopsie 

11. He lived a great life! 

12. Now they’re a red head. 

13. Well, did they reply? 

14. Free waxing! 

15. Make note that writing on the walls does not come off. 

16. *New email from HR*

17. The worst mistake of my life.