People Share The Moment They Realized They Hated Their Job (20 Tweets)

Dan Price is a CEO known for being the anti-CEO. Every job at his company comes with at least a $70,000 salary. And Price even took a pay cut to ensure every employee had a comfortable living wage.

In the years since Price took his pro-worker stance, his company’s revenue has tripled, proving a successful company invests in its workers first.

Price is active on Twitter and uses the platform to engage with workers around the world to gain insight on work culture, trends and – most importantly – what workers want in their careers.

In November last year, Price got Twitter talking when he tweeted nine words:

We’ve all been through the job rollercoaster. The thrill of landing the job, the anxious excitement of the first week, the comfort once you start to settle in and then… BAM!

You realize, “This place blows.”

It’s a universal experience for any working human in America and thousands of Twitter users used Price’s prompt to share their BAM! moment.

Below are 20 people who shared their moment on the job.

1. Bullied by a child

2. Workers don’t exist to fill quotas

3. There’s micromanaging and then there’s this

4. Ever heard of privacy?

5. Wait. WHAT!?

6. No, that’s not how you do empathy

7. Apathy’s a buzzkill

8. These people actually exist?

9. Normal doesn’t even exist anymore, lol

10. Oh, that’s cold

11. Who are we allowing to run pharmacies?

12. Bosses need to keep their office hard-ons in check

13. Yes, the famously fashionable hospital billing industry

14. Is there anywhere these managers can get free empathy lessons?

15. There is definitely a much more kind way to phrase that

16. What do you have to say for yourself, Red Cross?

17. We know Disney can afford this

18. A Bug’s Life was right

19. NOPE

20. The seemingly perpetual wage gap