These ‘High School Me Vs. Adult Me’ Memes Are Proof We’re All Getting Old

People often refer to their high school experiences as “the glory days”, a time when everything seemed simpler and opportunities were endless. Back then, hangovers were a myth and our only responsibility was going to school.

That was until we were forced into the cold unfeeling arms of the adult world where bills pile up, work never ends, and sleep is a distant memory. People on Twitter are lamenting how much their lives have changed since the good ole’ days of high school and it’s so damn relatable.

1. Everything seems louder.

2. Parties are no longer fun.

3. Metabolism isn’t what it used to be.

4. What was up, is now down.

5. Coffee became a life source.

6. Freedom means going to bed early.

7. It’s not about being well-liked anymore.

8. No plans are the best plans.

9. Sleep is a treasure.

10. Things got digital.

11. Even more morons.

12. Should’ve studied more.

13. We still need reminders.

14. Homework isn’t so bad now.

15. But some things never change.

h/t Twitter