People Are Tweeting Out Their Housecleaner Horror Stories (25 Tweets)

During quarantine, people are not supposed to be going back and forth to one another’s houses, which means a lot of jobs involving domestic work simply can’t happen. Decent people have been paying their cleaners not to come because many work under the table or are undocumented and cannot apply for unemployment. If you can afford a cleaner, you can afford to keep them from starving even though they can’t scrub your toilet.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a subset of women in media in Britain who started publicly complaining about restrictions and insisting their maids WANT to be scrubbing other people’s toilets again. Former housecleaner Tabitha McIntosh had something to say about that. She shouted out all the terrible and disgusting people she’s had to clean for over the years:

And she offered some examples of the type of people she was calling out:

In response to her tweets, many cleaners shared their own stories of horror and weirdness from employers. Many also said in the thread that it’s okay to hire someone to help around the house, but those people should be treated as professionals, not your personal indentured servant.

It’s interesting to hear so much from those who have experienced it, and it will make anyone who does hire a cleaner understand how hard of a job it really is.