Just Try To Imagine Hitting “Send” On These Tweets — 25 Dark, Insane Tweets

When you join Twitter there should be a screen alerting new users that they don’t need to tweet *every* thought they have. There’s even a draft folder where you can store all your crazy tweets that should never see the light of day.

Unfortunately, these people didn’t think for a single second before they posted these absolutely unhinged tweets that in a few cases might even be used as evidence against them. I hope these people find peace.

25 Tweets That Are So Insane They Should Be Illegal

1. This is extremely not the time. 

2. That’s not what that word means. 

3. Are you familiar with the term “insensitive?”

4. Glad you could make this work for you.

5. Please seek help. 

6. Welcome to the watch list. 

7. Do not plug your Soundcloud. 

8. I spoke too soon. 

9. Is that a pet leech? 


10. This tweet right here, officer.

11. So many layers to this one. 

12. I’m calling 911. 

13. I don’t want to ask but someone should.

14. Extremely not the time. 

15. Okay… back up one second. 

16. Should have left this in drafts.

17. This is not how you get a girl (emotionally).

18. Finance Bros are so committed to the grind. 

19. It’s called fashion, sweetie. 

20. No one tell him, please. 

21. This was written by a beaver.

22. This age gap should be illegal. 

23. Read the room my dude. 

24. I hope we got to the bottom of this one…

25. That’s what I call unity. 

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.