Man Uses Voice Recording Feature On LinkedIn To Send Sensual Message To A Stranger

If LinkedIn wasn’t annoying enough, it also includes a voice recording feature which I just found out today. I found out because Twitter user @okcandice_  shared a message she got from a fella named Jimmy Diggs, who I guess she connected with after he sent a friend request. It’s hard to tell from the convo if they’ve actually met, but it is honestly weird either way.

His first message to her is written and it’s kind of an innocuous note, reading, “Hello Candice, thanks for accepting me here, I welcome your friendship!”

I prefer no one message me on LinkedIn unless they’re offering a paying job, but maybe there are rules of engagement I don’t understand here. I definitely don’t understand what came next. 

The message goes:

Helloooo Candice! How are you doing and good morning! How have you been! hahaha. Hey Candice, this is ME, Jimmy from LINKEDIN. And the reason I was giving you this quick voice message call was to say thank you so kindly I really appreciate you accepted me here on the LinkedIn platform. What we will do here is learn from each other. I appreciate your kindness, JIMMY from LinkedIn.

Okay, just reading it doesn’t really communicate how bizarre it is, so put your headphones in and crank up this voice made for radio.

While Jimmy from LinkedIn doesn’t say anything very explicit, his voice is certainly suggestive. To answer Candice’s question, no, this was not necessary. But it is very funny. Also, don’t bully Jimmy, this is just some light-hearted humor and fun.

Though maybe not as funny as this birthday voice message sent to @kuhshkween on LinkedIn from a Mr. Renwick Lewis. There’s a birthday song and everything:

People are really having a good time with Jimmy from LinkedIn:

I hope the man has a sense of humor, because if he ever sees this tweet he’s going to learn a whole lot more than he expected from his friendship with Candice.

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