People Are Sharing Horror Stories From Their Jobs In Five Words Or Less (35 Tweets)

While many jobs have their perks, ALL jobs have their horror stories. Twitter user @medburnbook recently asked their followers to “give me a horror story from your specialty in five words or less,” and people from all walks of life quickly jumped to the challenge.

I’ve gotta admit: I don’t know what all of these mean. Different professions all have their own unique terminology, so while I realize some of these medical entries are bad (“bowel content on the dressing”), some I don’t fully understand the extent of (“Hemoglobin is six point nine”).

job horror stories

But most of these we all understand, even if we aren’t actors (“can you lose weight please?”), teachers (“is this on the exam?”), or graphic designers (“Photoshop has reset your presets”). Take a scroll through the 5-word job horror stories below, and see if you can figure out what profession they are referring to.











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