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Kamala Harris Is The VP Nominee And Here Are The Funniest Memes About It (21 Memes)

On Tuesday, former presidential candidate Kamala Harris was added to the Joe Biden ticket, becoming the first Black and Indian Vice President nominee. For many people, this was seen as a historical moment that should be treated with celebration and gravitas. For many, many more people, it was an opportunity to joke about how Maya Rudolph is going to be making bank this year playing Harris on every episode of Saturday Night Live, especially if the Democrats win the election.

But there is a deep divide amongst liberals and leftists about Harris’s record as a career prosecutor in a time when people have been discussing very seriously what it means for this country to be so heavily policed and our terrifyingly huge prison system. Harris has put a lot of people in jail and kept them there. It seems like Biden’s team is running against Trump by offering an extremely conservative platform to win over moderate Republicans rather than something that might appeal more to the left.

As the country gets pulled further and further right by the Trump administration and the Democrat’s capitulations to the president, we can still have some fun on the timeline. Here are the best Kamala Harris memes and jokes that don’t include Maya Rudolph. Let her rest, she’ll be working hard soon.