20 Annoying Types Of Kids That Seem To Be In Every Teacher’s Class

You know who they are. I know who they are.

Teachers from all corners are sharing kids that are definitely in their classrooms. Any year, any age, there’s just a certain type of child that you know you’re going to have to handle. With endearment, here are those kids:

1. SHH.

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2. Listen. Once. Please?

3. IDK, kid, how CAN you get an A.

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4. Why do you not understand?!

5. Kid, why. Get a new pencil

6. The child who has to share

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7. So many wrongs

8. Why are you screaming always.

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9. The “but my mom” child

10. Loudest mic in the world

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11. Another teacher doesn’t influence my class.

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12. Children everywhere

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13. Yes, yes, there is food.

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14. THIS kid

15. The back cracker

16. The perfect pencil point

17. Oh no

18. Stupid 15 minute rule

19. Deleting random names

20. Forgetful kid