This Viral Twitter Thread Imagines Lady Gaga As iPhones (10 Tweets)

Saying that Lady Gaga likes to experiment with fashion is an understatement. She’s worn meat as a dress, feathers, sequins, cowboy hats, mirrors, more wigs than I could ever fathom, shoes that you can’t walk in, and haute couture gowns—just to name a few fashion choices. She’s a chameleon, ever-changing her style and her music as well. But until a post went viral a few days ago, did you ever think she could be compared to a cell phone

Twitter user @BADIDEA created a thread called “Lady Gaga as iPhones” comparing the singer and actress to the Apple device. The post immediately caught on with over 376,000 likes and 59k retweets. 


Which is your favorite Lady Gaga as iPhone look? 

1. Gaga’s Meat Dress

2. Gaga As A Shattered Mirror

3. Spooky Ghost Gaga 

4. Shiny, Shiny Gaga

5. Shattered iPhone Case

6. Yeti

7. Very Beige

8. Royal Red

9. Raccoon Eyes

10. Neon

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