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16 Landlords Getting Publicly Shamed For Being Jerks In The Middle Of The Pandemic

Much of the world’s population rents their home and that means dealing with the home’s actual owner, AKA the landlord. 

And while many renters’ relationship with their landlords is already tricky at best, the coronavirus pandemic and the sudden and extreme financial pressures it has placed upon renters has pushed those relationships to the edge. How a landlord deals with the reality of his tenants not having enough money to pay the rent through no fault of their own says a lot about them as a person. Those who act greedy in a time of hardship are, as the kids say, telling on themselves.

It’s a moral test. And many landlords are failing it.

Here are 16 landlords who got publicly called out for their pandemic misbehavior.

1. These shameless opportunists 

2. This landlord who punished his tenant by removing her door

3. This dirty bird

4. This landlord who used the police to intimidate her tenants

5. This sheer nerve

6. This landlord who destroyed his tenants’ toilet then tried to stick them with an astronomical bill

7. This landlord who wanted sex from a woman who couldn’t afford her rent

8. This failure to see reason

9. This landlord who’s removing his tenant’s ROOF for being late on April rent

10. This landlord who illegally checked his tenant’s government stimulus status and may face charges