New “Kissing Device” Allows Long Distance Lovers To Smooch, But Twitter Has Other Ideas

Look, obviously someone f*cked this thing already. Let’s just say that up front. We’re all thinking it. Ok, now I’ll explain what it is.

Chinese college student, Jiang Zhongli, was frustrated with being away from his long distance girlfriend. Since necessity is the mother of invention, Jiang created a solution.

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Since then the remote device has been blowing up on Chinese social media, and now made it’s way over here to the states. While some people are interested in the new technology, most are skeptical.

The Long Distance Kissing Device

Like I said up front, there’s no way someone hasn’t had sex with one of these things. Or at least, you know, put on down their pants while the other person does The Scatman into it or something. It happened.

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Are people going to use this device? I can see it being a viable option for those in long distance relationships. We need physical touch, and this does seem to satisfy that need, in a sense.

People on Twitter are very skeptical of the device

Honestly this is what I thought of too

Chaos theory…

What are we doing here?

What are your thoughts on this device? Would you use it for, uh, kissing? Seems like cleanup would be a mess. You better have a good case for your phone. “Kissing” can get a little messy.