People Are Slamming A Ludicrous Job Rejection Letter Someone Got

We established the other day that interviewing is very stressful. Between resume polishing and cover letter writing, now you have to go in and wow a real-life person. You’d think that the company would be respectful of your time and effort, and theirs, in those interviews. Right?

Not so, good friend, not so.

Last week, the F*ck You I Quit account on Twitter posted a picture of an email from a hiring manager rejecting an applicant. It quickly went viral because, well. Look at this nonsense:


Bored Panda chatted with the creator of the Twitter account and learned why he created it.

“I was fed up seeing story after story of people being taken advantage of by their jobs or bosses. I’ve had plenty of bad jobs myself. The whole corporate office park credo has always been unnerving to me and hearing other people’s workplace horror stories really struck home and inspired me to want to help spread that message. Watching people stand up to bad situations is empowering.”

When asked what the account’s purpose was, he said: “The main purpose… is to call out all of these profiteering corporations who employ bad bosses, illegal business practices, awful working conditions, horrible hiring practices and all these other truly awful corporate norms a lot of us here in the US think are normal. They aren’t normal. We’ve just been conditioned to think they are. These major corporations are pulling in record profits while raising prices and simultaneously refusing to raise wages. They need to be called out on it.” He went on to explain that, “When a company says that they don’t have enough money to give you a performance or cost of living wage increase and then they brag to their investors on an earnings call that they are raking it in, well, screw that. They’re lying to you. And all you have to do is look at the company’s financial statements to prove it. The working class is suffering and building fortunes for a few select people at the top. Costs on everything have skyrocketed; rent, transportation, childcare, healthcare, and even food are all becoming unaffordable for a lot of people. It has to stop.”

Bored Panda also asked about how common it is to encounter crummy hiring managers. “It’s more common than it should be that’s for sure. It’s not that hard to treat people with dignity and respect. A modicum of professionalism is all people are expecting in the hiring process. Companies need to be upfront about salary and benefits. Workers aren’t there simply for the ‘honor of working for your prestigious firm’. We’ve got bills to pay and busy lives. Don’t waste people’s time and people won’t waste yours. We all win.”

On job hunting, he said, it’s hard. “If employers are hurting for staff, they need to make sure their hiring practices are as easy as possible. No more making people guess what they might be paid. No more two or three identical forms to fill out with all the same information that’s already been provided on your resume. No more triple interviews that have a ton of test works involved. If you absolutely need a working interview, guess what, that’s still work. You need to pay people for that. Having people take significant time off work, multiple times, is extremely disruptive. Hiring managers need to do better.”

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