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Luigi Is Hot In ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ And People Are Inappropriately Thirsty (18 Tweets)

The Mario movie just came out and …apparently they made Luigi like. A thirst trap.

You read that right: the animated film based on the Mario Brothers Nintendo game features a… well. Kinda. Hot? Luigi.

LOOK, GUYS, I DON’T GET IT EITHER, but maybe if we wander through the best thirst tweets about a dreamy Luigi we’ll figure it out together.

1. The tweet that started a thousand posts

@broiledcrawfish / Twitter

2. We get a recap of the scene

@andieisonline / Twitter

3. A note about him

@toddm_arts / Twitter

4. Spoiler!

@smokypegg / Twitter

5. So many people on this

@catbotnic / Twitter

6. Real people

@proffesormalfoy / Twitter

7. But it is?

@sneakydriver / Twitter

8. You got this, Fritz

@fritzhagermusic / Twitter

9. Aw.

@jeremywball / Twitter

10. Sorry!

@alltimelaur / Twitter

11. That’s the title now

@talldarkndansum / Twitter

12. Oh no

Anon / Twitter

13. They didn’t

@caicai_328 / Twitter

14. So he was?

@nightdeclan / Twitter

15. Honestly though.

@imesaur / Twitter

16. They are.

@benorchef / Twitter

17. Oh no.

18. Just tell us why