Men Are Getting Roasted Online For Complaining About Women’s ‘Lingerie’ Workout Attire

In today’s society, there is a certain type of man who seems to take pleasure in overly criticizing women. They are quick to point out flaws and shortcomings without making any attempt to understand the complexity of the female experience.

These men often feel threatened by women who challenge traditional gender roles or who express themselves in ways that deviate from their narrow definition of femininity. Their behavior can be seen as a manifestation of deep-seated insecurity and a lack of empathy.

Recently, a post from one of these fragile dudes came across Twitter that, shocker, cause quite the stir up.

And with that tweet, the other Chads came out of the woodwork.

And this one comparing it to Victoria’s Secret is especially delusional. 

So, naturally, the rational folks of Twitter met them on the battlefield to roasted them.

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