millennial school memories

Ah, Millennial School Memories (45 Tweets)

Nostalgia is a weird thing. You won’t think about something for a long time and then when you do, you’re flooded with a sense of warmth and well-being as you think glowingly of the past.

That’s basically what this entire thread posted by Twitter user @melmadara is about: they’re sharing specific images of objects you probably haven’t considered in decades if you’re an adult.

They’re all of the strange artifacts found in middle school classrooms. Middle school is that time when you’re not a grown-up, but you’re not quite a kid either. Things are changing fast and the only thing distracting you is brightly colored objects to take apart and put together.

Each picture brings back more and more memories of what it was like to be that age, just trying to get to lunch period. Like:

1. A foggy school bus window:

2. Tootling on the recorder:

3. The weird jump rope:

4. Multiplication tables:

5. Whatever these are:

6. The overhead projector:

7. The wooden ice cream spoon:

8. Scented markers:

9. Drying art on the rack:

10. Stabbing your eraser with a pencil: