People Are Arguing Whether Mom Should Force Son To Return $100K He Got From Sleeping With Older Women

There are a lot of crazy stories circulating on the Internet, but this one is being told by a blue check named Jaime Primak who is a book author and podcast host and thus subject to more scrutiny than a Twitter account with 12 followers and an anime avatar. After reading it, I wasn’t sure what to believe. 

She started with, “Y’all My girlfriend lives in the Hamptons…. and her 20-year-old son has been living with them since March (COVID) he’s a Junior… going back to school. She was cleaning his room and found ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash.”

She then says that the parents of this 20-year-old of course wondered if the money had come from either drugs or theft, because what else could you think? He’s certainly not earning it working at the ice cream shop. But my mind did not leap to the actual explanation and I was SHOCKED.

Primak says the guy met an older woman at a store, struck up a conversation with her, revealed he was negative for COVID-19, and before he knew it he was having sex with a bunch of women in their 50s for money all over the Hamptons.

After admitting this to his parents they got extremely upset, which isn’t too surprising. Their way of dealing with their son partaking in sex work is pretty controversial, however—they want to give the money back.

Primak says that the mom is planning to talk with the woman who first started sharing her son’s info around to figure out how this all happened. 

Well. A lot to unpack here.

I don’t know how I would feel if I discovered my son, who is not of legal age to drink, was being hired as a sex worker by all of my neighbors. I’d probably feel pretty bad about it! I respect sex work and he’s an adult and it’s his choice. I think the line for me is the idea of a woman I could be in a book club with pimping my child out after meeting him at the fish store. Is she the madame? Does she make a cut? Is it just word of mouth? I completely understand why this mom needs some questions answered here.

That said, I agree with most of the commenters who are saying it’s his money, and he should absolutely be allowed to keep it:

But there are plenty of people who don’t think the situation is appropriate, full stop.

Some identify too closely with the situation or have kids or siblings of a similar age. Others think that people are being light-hearted in the comments because he’s a young man rather than a young woman, and both the sex work and the theft of his money are cause for concern:

And some just think it’s a straight-up lie:

There is definitely more to the story, but I kinda hope we don’t hear it. Primak has been told to not tweet about it, after all!

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