People Are Loving The Drama In This Crockpot Facebook Group (15 Tweets)

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people who have similar interests. Communities are built around literally anything and everything you can think of, including a group where all members pretend to be baby boomers. There’s a place for everyone! Even for crockpot enthusiasts! 

While a crockpot Facebook group may seem unassuming, there has been some drama brewing in Crock Pot Heaven, which has 331,000 members. Twitter user Sarah Hollowell unearthed a particularly stern post from an administrator of a crockpot Facebook group. 

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Hollowell uploaded a screenshot of the post to Twitter, and the group’s message went viral. So viral that the admin was interviewed by The Cut. We soon learned the admin is Amberly Graves, a 35-year-old mom who was just tired of seeing negativity. She referenced a recent post where people mocked a member’s husband for being a picky eater and said that was the last straw. Her goal with the page is to make people feel welcome and comfortable.

“I love this group so much. It’s so important to me,” Graves told The Cut. “It’s a safe place to be able to make mistakes, to be able to fail and have everybody pick you back up.”

Graves expected backlash, however, she says there has been great feedback and support from the group. Plus, the post did give us some well-intentioned laughs. Here are a few Twitter users who especially loved the Facebook post.