People Are Sharing Their Favorite “Fake Songs” From Movies And TV (20 Tweets)

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Everyone has a favorite song, but what about a favorite fake song?

Recently someone posted an odd but intriguing question on Twitter: What’s the best fake song?

Randall Otis explained that what he meant, specifically, was a song that exists within another piece of media, for example an original song sung by a fictional band on a TV show. 


It was a more interesting question than the typical Twitter opinion-bait like “What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?” and people did not disappoint in their replies (though they did disagree), recalling some old favorites that will break your nostalgia meter.

Even if they were written for a movie or show some of these songs get so popular that they become bonafide hits and make the magical, Pinocchio-like transformation into real songs as anyone who bursts out singing “Nightman/Dayman” in their shower on a daily basis would tell you.











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