Uhh, Did The Pope Just Tweet That It’s OK To Give People The Middle Finger?

What’s this “pope middle finger” thing going around? Well, in classic ‘old guy on the internet’ style, the Pope hit Twitter with a real mess of a tweet, which it seems has since been deleted (old guy move af).

The tweets seems to indicate that the middle finger (big long boy) is closer to God (because it’s longer) therefore reminding us to be honest and rise above…something something something idk man here’s the tweet I’m so bored.


Well, there you have it. Ol’ Hidey McPedophile hitting us with some wisdom. Deep. Deep like the vaults full of pillaged historical artifacts and straight up treasure in the Vatican. Ok, ok I’m done.

Obviously there were plenty of funny tweets in response to this on Twitter


The general vibe from folks is blatant mockery, which probably isn’t something anyone really wants in a Pope. Obviously there was some outrage and belligerent arguing in the comments, but I’m not including that here, because I am elevated, closer to God, like the middle finger.