Man On Twitter Shows How Bad Procrastination Can Be With His Story Of A Broken Window

I have a few tutoring students I know I should send this to:

Procrastination, or putting off things that need to be done, is always bad. First, you can never relax when you have a thing to do on your checklist. Second, the problem ALWAYS gets worse.

Take it from Nathan Howe, who had a tweet thread about postponing a task go viral. He explains how a window-repair that never got done just got worse and worse.

Nathan starts by telling us about a broken window he put off fixing.

natehowe / Twitter

He got a few estimates but the cost was bonkers. So he just closed up that window.

natehowe / Twitter

The window repair was simply labor intensive and cost prohibitive.

natehowe / Twitter

So Nathan let that window be — and it drove him crazy. He knew he had to fix it, but it became a giant he couldn’t tackle.

natehowe / Twitter

Then his hand was forced: he needed to fix the window to sell the house. It was time.

natehowe / Twitter

So Nathan used some WD-40 and pulled.

And, after all that time and worry, the window came right out.

natehowe / Twitter

He let that window haunt him when it was a $12 problem.

natehowe / Twitter

He explains that this is a parable for people living with their own broken windows for years.

natehowe / Twitter

And that all windows are different.

natehowe / Twitter

He says make little steps and embrace the imperfect.

natehowe / Twitter

Don’t blame yourself, don’t dwell, just fix it.

natehowe / Twitter

Phew! Quite the story, right? People on Twitter were grateful for the advice. One woman wrote, “Man, I needed to read this!! Thank you!”

Another shared their own rusty-window story:

@rcpraphicdesign / Twitter

Another joked that “the true moral of the story is always keep a can of WD40 around…” and I have to say that I wholeheartedly concur.

Another noted that, “Perfection is the enemy of Good Enough”. Very true.

Our philosopher friend wrote in that Seneca once said, “‘we suffer more in imagination than in reality'”.

An ADHD Mantra shared by a Twitter user, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing half-assed.”

“Great piece right there,” write in a Twitter user. “That’s not where I thought it was going but so true. I’ve let the dread of handling some things consume me to stagnation of things that turned out to be very minimal once was thought about Let God Let Go,”

Another laughed, “If Jesus had ADHD this would be in Proverbs.”