Students Are Sharing The Hilariously Blunt Emails They’ve Gotten From Professors

Teaching is a tough gig — students always think their excuse is the only one that matters and that you’ve ever heard. And sometimes you have to just … put your foot down and refuse to hear it. Or sometimes you’re just like, I don’t even care anymore guys, fine.

Whatever the reason, please enjoy this round-up of 16 times professors absolutely killed us with their replies.

1. Oh no

2. Not a fan

3. Zippy!

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4. Short n Sweet

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5. Is this good?

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6. So snappy

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7. Cassie annoyed him

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8. Give the teach some time!

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9. Leave them alone

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10. So… nope?

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11. Short & Sweet

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12. Well.. thanks?

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13. Loving the no’s.

14. Faith, you’re rude

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15. Well.

16. Whatever.

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