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24 Reasons You Shouldn’t Smoke The Weed

With marijuana legalization slowly picking up steam on a state-by-state basis, it’s important we talk about the numerous dangers of the drug.

Don’t let musicians or other celebrities convince you weed is “cool” or “fun.” No! Weed is super serious and risky and can result in countless unsolvable problems.

Here are 24 of the biggest reasons you should avoid weed at absolutely all costs:

1. Because you could get trapped in the bathroom:

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2. Because you might end up with more noodles than you bargained for:

3. Because you might start hallucinating:


4. It’s a legitimate danger:


5. Because you might build this abomination:


6. Because your phone will forever remain uncharged:

7. Because you might lose your sandwich:


8. Because you might start to resemble a shoe:


9. Because you might set your “alarm” all wrong:


10. Because you might not taste your toast: