17 Utterly Savage Kids Who Roasted Their Parents Into Oblivion

I don’t care what anyone says, children are little savages. Sure, they play all sweet and cute to lure you in and then, when you least expect it, they strike. At least, that’s what happened to each of these unsuspecting parents who were roasted into oblivion by their little ones.

1. This kid knew an insult when he heard one.

2. This little girl called it like she saw it.

3. This 6-year-old knows how wrinkles work.

4. Gavin’s classmate is brutally honest.


5. This kiddo doesn’t care for mom’s cooking.

6. This very aware 10-year-old keeps it real.

7. This kid isn’t about that comfy clothes life.

8. Mom’s gonna need some ice for that burn.

9. This kid has their priorities in order.

10. A brutally honest question.


11. This kid is already giving backhanded compliments.

12. Just zero, mom.

13. Mom needs a drink after this one.

14. This kid calling his mom a fossil.


15. This observant child.

16. This child serving as the cruel little voice in our heads.

17. This kid should probably go into psychiatry.

h/t BuzzFeed