Non-Sexiest Sex Scene In A Movie

Movie Fans Are Sharing The Sexiest Non-Sex Scenes In Movie History

Welcome movie fans! Today we’re going to talk about the sexiest non-sex scenes in the history of cinema. Sometimes a movie doesn’t need to show any actual sex to be incredibly steamy and leave us feeling hot under the collar. These scenes can range from a simple glance between characters to a passionate dance or a charged conversation.

Recently, award winning writer Michael Starrbury shared a tweet asking his follows one simple question:

“What is the sexiest non-sex scene in the history of motion pictures?”

There were some obvious picks but many of these I either didn’t know or hadn’t thought of in years.

1. Out Of Sight

2. 40 Days And 40 Nights

3. It’s A Wonderful Life

4. The Age Of Innocence 

5. The Princess Bride

6. In The Mood For Love

7. Bridget Jones’ Diary 

8. Romeo & Juliette 

9. Saturday Night Fever

10. Elvis

11. Stripes

12. Out Of Africa

13. Mandy

14. Men In Black

15. Pride And Prejudice 

16. The More The Merrier 

17. Drive

18. The Rise Of Skywalker 

19. Before Sunset

20. Batman Returns

21. Pacific Rim

22. Dance With Me

23. The Piano 

24. Girl On A Bridge

25. Dirty Dancing