Spirit Halloween Store Worker Shows All The Offensive Costumes The Staff Decided Not To Sell (18 Tweets)

White people and others wearing offensive Halloween costumes isn’t necessarily new—plenty of celebrities and politicians have been caught in racist costume scandals—but people are at least starting to become aware that it’s not a good look.

Recently a Spirit Halloween store worker cataloged all of the uh, “problematic” costumes he said his fellow workers refused to sell this year.


It’s quite a list, and the most popular racist Halloween costume seems to be mimicking stereotypically indigenous wear. Check them out below.

1. Tacos

2. “Queen of the Tribe”

3. “Vintage” turbans

4. Dreadlocks

5. “Rabbi beards”

6. Conical Asian hat

7. Dia de Los Muertos costumes

8. Afros for white people

9. Gypsies

10. Black body paint

11. More “tribal” gear

12. Native American headband

13. Sheriff Kit

14. Sugar skull staff

15. Even MORE “tribal royalty”

16. Dia de Los Muertos part dos

17. Big taco

18. Rabbi costumes