15 Of The Dumbest Arguments People Had Against Cancelling Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt in the United States is a huge problem. Millennials were told the only way they would get a good job was to go to college and once they got that job, it would pay so well that it would be easy to pay off the loans. 

Now that Millennials have graduated college, the economy is in much worse condition than before. The cost of going to college has increased way faster than the cost of living and inflation rates. Students are leaving school with six figures in student loans. It’s harder to get a good job and the jobs that do exist don’t pay as well as they used to because their dollars don’t stretch as far.

Millions of people are suffering under the burden of these predatory loans and yet some people have decided that they shouldn’t be helped and should suffer. They sound like nice folks. 

Here are some of their dumbest and most selfish arguments:

1. The “Everyone Needs To Do What I Did” argument:

2. The “I’m Not Babysitting Millennials” argument:

3. The “I Worked Through It 50 Years Before Student Loans Existed” argument:

4. The “Education Is Not A Human Right” argument:

5. The “Kids Should Start Scavenging Early” argument:

6. The “Next Thing You’re Gonna Tell Me HOUSING Is A Right Too” argument:

7. The “If You Have Loans, You Shouldn’t Be Able To Vote” argument:

8. The “What’s Next, Forgiving Medical Debt” argument:

9. The “I Went To Ivy League Schools” argument:

10. The “It’s A Slap In The Face” argument:

11. The “I Can’t Gift Money Away” argument:

12. The “What About Doctors” argument:

13. The “Money Is The Only Reason A Degree Matters” argument:

14. The “My Bills Are MY Responsibility” argument:

15. And the “I Did Back In My Day, Why Can’t You” argument: