Viral Thread Of People Who “Made It” Only After The Age Of 40 (40 Tweets)

Western culture is absolutely obsessed with youth. In the U.S., we don’t invest in young people with school, but we do cultivate a celebrity culture that emphasizes people under 30 accomplishing huge things—just don’t look into where their money is coming from.

There are many remarkable people who accomplish things young and go on to accomplish even more as they get older, but there are many, many more people who have a lot of hurdles to leap before they can even think of hitting their peak.

Writer and Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Doug Murano tweeted about being tired of “under 40” lists, meaning the lists usually published by Forbes of people who we should all pay attention to due to their success who are under the age of 40. He said he wanted to see people who accomplished their biggest dreams in their later years.

The response was enormous. Lots of people had examples of famous historical figures. Lots of people had examples of family members, friends, classmates, and even themselves.

Bored Panda interviewed Murano, who said he was overwhelmed by all the stories he received.

“I didn’t use any hashtags in the tweet and wasn’t expecting it to get this level of attention at all,” he said. “I was excited when it reached 2,000 likes and it has been wild to follow the numbers as they approach 200,000 likes and 7 million impressions. More than that, though, I have enjoyed seeing stories come in from all over the world.”

When asked which answers inspired him them the most, he said, “What touched me the most about the responses I received weren’t even the career wins—it was the person who finally got the courage to learn to drive at 45, the grandmother who took up painting at 70, the grandfather who learned to swim. We can make meaning in our lives in so many ways. Let’s expand that notion. Let’s celebrate our elders and learn from their example.”

If you’re worried about where you are in life or need a little motivation, read the stories about people who got where they wanted to be in their own good time.