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20 Things That Gen Z And Millennials Do That Are Pretty Dang Toxic

We all love a good boomer roast, but what happens when the younger generations turn on themselves?

It surprises no one that we get a whole list of things everyone thinks are “toxic”. I’ve been on a soapbox before about how stupid the different generational arguments are (BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE GENERATION HAS DONE IT) but some of these are kind of funny.

Let’s take a look before Twitter implodes further.

1. As I said

@yo_era_mark / Twitter

2. I do not know why you do this, Z.

@whoscountingrep / Twitter

3. Agreed.

@realflagsmasher / Twitter

4. They’re trying to figure themselves out.

@adamtyler / Twitter

5. Are we?

@asteadweasley / Twitter

6. Don’t worry, you’ll be 30 and into skinny jeans again some day.

@l1debbie / Twitter

7. I have never heard a millennial say that.

@phileagle_ / Twitter

8. God, yes.

@pragmaticrates / Twitter

9. Eeeeh.

@tysh444n / Twitter

10. Yep.

@cinnabunbimbo / Twitter

11. Please

12. Too real

13. I hate that law

14. Okay?

15. Yep.

16. The irony

17. Agreed

18. No one is saying that.

19. Language

20. Tide pods.