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“I Should Have Known The Relationship Was Toxic When…”—People Share The Red Flags They Missed (29 Tweets)

Today we’re going to talk about red flags and toxic relationships.

When you ignore little problems they tend to turn into big ones and that maxim holds especially true for relationships. It’s easy to ignore your partner’s failings early on in a relationship. After all, you’re still getting to know each other and haven’t gotten a complete picture of who the other person is yet. Plus you’re swept up in a hormonal rush of feelings better known as the “honeymoon phase,” where you idealize the other person so wildly that even their most concerning personal traits seem more like lovable foibles than anything to worry about. 

But that early-relationship innocence doesn’t last and Twitter user @imdatfeminist recently kicked off a rollicking conversation about relationship red flags by asking people to share their stories starting with the phrase “I should have known the relationship was toxic when….”

The responses prove that you shouldn’t ignore those relationship red flags when they start waving.











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