People Are Defending ‘Turning Red’ From Trolls And Haters (20 Tweets)

Pixar’s new film, Turning Red is a great peek at what being a 13-year-old girl is like… if puberty was a red panda, you know.

It’s also been getting a lot of buzz, some warranted and positive, and some kind of dopey. People are saying that the film is “inappropriate”, which has set off a flurry of tweets explaining how, in fact, it is not.

The film is generating conversation for sure; here are some of the best takes about it.

1. Is this us?


2. Best dads


3. Girls are hard to understand


4. Trauma


5. Oh yes we did


6. Aw, yes!


7. There’s nothing inappropriate


8. A lovely thread

@DeerSprouts / Twitter

11. Bracelets

12. Diabetes patch

13. Mei’s Notebook

14. TBH I get it.

15. Pads in Turning Red

16. Villains

17. Tumblr Gals

18. Trauma Films

19. So refreshing


20. Yup, baby bat!