People Are Sharing Times They’ve Had Sex While Something Weird Was On In The Background (30 Tweets)

Being horny is sort of like being drunk or high: you do things you might not if you were clear-headed. For instance, having sex while something completely repellant or inappropriate plays in the background. The desire for sex will neutralize almost anything—that’s what I think now, anyway, after reading this thread started by a comedian

She shared her previously secret shame, writing, “What’s the worst thing that’s been in the background while you’ve had sex? For me it’s Ratatouille.”

There are tens of thousands of replies as people walk down memory lane and remember the stuff they did to the soundtracks to some of the worst cultural moments in our history. Galvez was impressed:

So am I. And while nothing jumped to mind for me, there are a number of people who have had sex to the DVD menu screen music, one of the most cursed decisions ever made by DVD designers. Who hasn’t been binge-watching a DVD collection only to get a little frisky? There are some scores that still haunt me. Ultimately, the human spirit is undaunted in the face of adversity. They will get freaky, no matter what. It’s both beautiful and horrifying: