Service Workers Tweet Out Their “Weirdest” And “Rudest” Customer Experiences (50 Tweets)

If you have ever worked any sort of customer service job, whether it be food industry, hospitality, retail, or anything else where you have to interact with the public all day long, then you 100% have enough horror stories to fill an entire book, probably. Twitter user @phantomparades recently asked her followers in the customer service and food industry to “PLEASE reply with the weirdest/rudest customer service experience” they’ve ever dealt with. “I’m always curious to hear about dumb a** customers,” she added.

She also included her own weirdest and rudest customer service experience, writing: “I think the worst person i’ve ever dealt with was like 3 years ago, i was ringing someone out and she got an attitude with how i was folding her clothes, she told me to stop so i did & assumed she would fold them herself like she SAID she would. instead she asked “are you gonna help me?” and me being confused- said “Ma’am you told me not to?” and she got SUPER heated and said “Oh no. Get me a manager i am NOT dealing with this attitude.” I was like EXCUSE ME? LMFAO. I was almost ready to lose my job. she was so mad for NO reason.”

Her Twitter thread quickly went viral as people from all walks of customer service life shared their weirdest, rudest, customer experiences, proving the customer is NOT always right: