People Share The Weirdest Things They Got In Trouble For At Work (20 Tweets)

A Twitter question by @katieharr1988 went viral this week. She asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you ever got in trouble at work for? I was accused of being disrespectful because the six people I CC’d on an email weren’t listed in order of seniority,” and the answers were a mix of complete head-scratchers and total belly-laugh-inducers. Here are some of the best!

1. Wrong Name


2. Memes


3. Password

4. Aggressive Eyebrows

@katiehodgie / Twitter

5. Breakfasting

@KristyWebeck / Twitter

6. Plan better

@Arb / Twitter

7. Fanned

@jasebyjason / Twitter

8. Sick Day


9. Tea

@IanKarmel / Twitter

10. Employee of the month


11. Razor Burn


12. Pizza


13. Two carbs

14. GameStop

15. Respect

16. Crafty Canine

17. Ham

18. Bartender

19. Mixed messages

20. Unapproachable