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20 Times Women Got The Last Laugh

Being a woman on Planet Earth in the Year Of Our Lord 2022 can be exhausting. I don’t even want to give you the laundry list of absolute insanity we have to deal with day in and day out; instead, I would rather laugh about it.

That’s exactly what the Female Dating Strategy subreddit delivers, too. Laughs and women positively crushing people for terrible behavior.

Please enjoy all these last words from women who deserve them.

1. Pick a script

ethicallyambiguous / Reddit

2. It’s not funny

deleted / Reddit


myplummms / Reddit

4. Take a seat

pasdepromesses / Reddit

5. Narrating it

deleted / Reddit

6. This stat.

@blackwomensday / Twitter

7. Aww, thanks grandma

dormouse_in_a_teapot / Reddit


lonechronicler / Reddit

9. Cruel.

pbjellynutella / Reddit

10. Bye, jerk

placemat24 / Reddit

11. Safety

12. Get it together, MEN

13. Myths

14. Please

15. Outsourcing

16. Love her

17. This article was amazing

18. Why DID we stop

19. Probably not

20. I… yeah.