Women Share Tips To Stay Safe From Creepy Dudes (20 Tweets)

And we’ve got more than just “have your keys in your hand, pointy sides out”.

Safety for women is always a concern; from a very young age, we’re hyper-aware of our surroundings and know that when we walk alone at night, we need to hustle like we mean business even if we’re just going to our cars.

Women on Twitter have been sharing the safety tips they personally have used over the years and we rounded up some awesome examples.

Stay safe out there, ladies.

1. Two Books

CornerTabernacl / via Bored Panda

2. I’m old and I bite

riverrocketing / via Bored Panda

3. I need a mom!

pchenderson_LV / via Bored Panda

4. Yell MOM

Yovanowannabe / Via Bored Panda

5. Post in a bar bathroom

three_evils_68 / via Bored Panda

6. Guy’s following me

all_superb / Via Bored Panda

7. Simple advice

sarah_may_g / via bored panda

8. Moms look out for each other

EarlOfGroan / Via Bored Panda

9. Curse like sailors

SPriest7722 / Via Bored Panda

10. Just scream for any Mom.

RetroCrone / Via Bored Panda

11. Ran into a stranger’s home

12. Terrifying experience

13. Even in the 50s women dealt with this

14. Protecting strangers

15. Furious on the phone

16. Just stood there

17. Took pics


19. Do not move

20. Whip around to find the voice

h/t: Bored Panda