The 2010s Gave Us Some Truly Awful Slang, Let’s Not Bring It Into The 2020s (31 Tweets)

Every generation has its slang words, but in the past, they would slowly die out as that generation aged and found better things to do than set trends. Unfortunately, the internet has changed this natural language evolution, and we’re constantly ripping through new slang words and phrases on social media faster than the human mind can really process. Slang terms make copies of themselves through memes, get adopted by brand accounts, and before you know it your dad is calling his brother a fucboi, or something else horrible. 

Pop culture writer at Fast Company, Joe Berkowitz, drew attention to this awful situation with a very simple question, asking his followers, “What is the worst slang that became universally accepted in the 2010s?”

There’s a lot of material to cover over the last decade, but at least Joe’s question is rounding up all the worst slang words and phrases in one place. Some came immediately to mind:

But a lot has happened in the last ten years. A lot of the phrases people complain about feel like they just popped up in the last few months. Others feel like an ancient throwback even if they were only from 2018. And who even remembers YOLO?!

Scroll through and think about letting go of some of these slang words in the next ten years. You don’t need them. There’s more slang coming.