How To Put On A Sweater With A Cat On Your Back

Welcome to the most important “How To” video on the entire Internet.

If you’ve ever been a little too cold and wanted to put on an extra layer of worth but couldn’t because there’s a damn cat around your neck, you’re in luck.

Thanks to this handy video by an elderly gentleman with one of the most soothing British accents of all time, you can now learn to do exactly that without disturbing the beast on your back.

So, get out a pen and a piece of paper. You’re gonna want to write these instructions down.

Time to learn how to put on a sweater with a cat on your back.

Yes, we all know this is a joke and completely ridiculous, but I consider it a challenge. So, if you need me, I’ll be attempting this with the first street cat I come across.

(via: Roger Brawn, h/t Tastefully Offensive)

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