We Should All Be More Like This Old Woman Dancing In A Parking Lot

I’m not really sure why the old woman in the video below is dancing like no one is watching in the parking lot of a Denny’s, but I love it.

But the following is my theory:

She was driving, when all of a sudden a George Michael song came on.

Probably “Faith” or “Freedom ’90” judging by the way her hips are moving, but I digress.

So, naturally, this woman had to pull over and appreciate whatever George Michael song was playing the way it was meant to be appreciated.

That’s what I would’ve done/have probably done/am probably gonna do right after I finish writing this.

Whatever reason she did it, we could all learn a lesson about not giving a fuck from this old woman dancing in a parking lot.

(via JukinVideo)

Oh, but before you start dancing, It’s Probably Not The Best Idea To Dance Around A Peacock.

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