A Viral Tweet Has People Revealing The Most Chaotic Weddings They’ve Been To (20 Tweets)

We love gossip and we love weddings and we *especially* love juicy gossip about weddings, specifically when there’s some kind of heinous drama that goes down in public.

Twitter user @bhakthi recently asked her followers (and everyone else) for some gossip about weddings that “went terribly.”


And you better believe she got some juicy stories.

A couple people spilled the tea in her DMs:


But everyone else was comfortable airing other people’s dirty laundry in public:

1. Dear lord no

2. I laughed

3. Ok, but that’s kind of sweet?

4. A series of unfortunate events

5. Pastor answers the calling

6. Weekend At Bernies III: The Wedding

7. It’s never a good time to say this but a wedding might be the absolute worst time

8. Who’s your god now?

9. Moth of the bride

10. Quite the send off

11. DIY vodka fail

12. Not the time!

13. She really fell for him

14. Not exactly the honeymoon suite


15. Heart-rending affair

16. Isn’t that what it’s for though?

17. Wow, you’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding

18. Letting in all hang out


19. Now THIS is drama


h/t: Bored Panda