Makeup Artist Charges Woman $500 Instead Of $150 After Finding Out She’s A Bride, Asks If They’re A Jerk

Getting your makeup done professionally on your wedding day can be a nice splurge. Of course, there are levels — you can get a full face with super-staying power or a basic face that’s still nice but won’t set you back a ton of money.


One Redditor who is a makeup artist was requested to do a party makeup look for a woman, but when the makeup artist showed up, the woman told her she was getting married. The artist charged bridal fees for party makeup — and in the process, made it look like she was a scammer.

OP Writes:

“I am a makeup artist for the past 9 years. I charge $500 for bridal makeup, around 250 for bridesmaid etc makeup but for regular party makeup I charge around $150”

Image credits: Elina Sazonova

“So a few weeks ago a lady had booked me for a party makeup on June 25th. She booked at 10am. I went there thinking I’d do a regular party makeup. I had agreed $150 with her. As I was there, there were some people coming over. I assume relatives. At some point it slips from a woman about the wedding and I realise the woman I’m doing the makeup on is the bride. I’m doing a bridal makeup charging for simple party makeup.”

“I was completely pissed how she lied about the occasion, but I kept doing my job. After we were finished. She gave me $150 and I notified her we are actually $350 short. She asked what I meant by that and I said that I did a bridal makeup. You’re the bride. That’s what I charge for brides. She said we had agreed on a simple party makeup and that I am basically ripping her off because I worked the same amount of time and used the same products as I’d use in a bridal makeup so the title of the event shouldn’t matter. I told her she doesn’t get to dictate how I form my prices. She then refused to pay me at all and called me a scammer and told me to get out. Before I left her mom threw $200 on my face and told me to get lost.”

“I was telling what happened to my friends and they all sided with the bride and said that unless I used more expensive products and I did extra labor then I’m not justified in charging her more and since she requested party makeup I should just charge her that. AITA?”

Later the artist shared a little about the differences between bridal and “Regular” makeup in the comments:

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