People Are Sharing Weird Marriage Shower Thoughts That Are Technically True

We’ve all experienced the “shower thought” phenomenon. You’re in the shower, mindlessly going through the motions while another part of your brain is on fire with ideas.

There’s actually a reason why these epiphanies happen. The shower represents a comfortable space where you can feel vulnerable. Additionally, the uninterrupted alone time allows the mind to wander freely, contributing to those thoughts you can only access in the shower.

These mind-blowing revelations have their own subreddit, r/Showerthoughts, where people post and discuss clever ideas. Over the past few months, the topic of marriage has popped up frequently on the subreddit.

Could it be that married couples have spent too much time together in quarantine? Who knows, but here are 20 shower-thoughts posts that will make you do an Owen Wilson ‘Wow.’

1. Just an intense pinky promise

A marriage is just a really intense pinky promise but if you break it you lose half your stuff.


2. “I won’t ho around,” but in cursive

Marriage vows are a very eloquent way of saying you will not sleep with anyone else


3. Invest where it matters

Considering the divorce rate, it’d be better if people spent less money on weddings, and more money on marriage counseling.


4. Success is not without its challenges

Wishing a couple a successful marriage is wishing that one of them has to watch the other die


5. One for the LOTR fans

Marriage is a fellowship of the rings.


6. Seeking partner: No experience necessary

Marriage is the only endeavor in life where people actively seek a partner with no experience.


7. Love doesn’t have galactic boundaries, MOM

In future there is going to be disagreement between parents and kid for interplanetary marriage.


8. Hooray! Our crockpot sucks!!

One milestone of a healthy marriage is when your wedding gifts begin wearing out and breaking down.


9. Future moms and dads will appreciate this one

Marriage is preordering a MILF


10. Marriage isn’t the ending, it’s the beginning

Marriage is not the happy-ending, it’s the beginning of a long, difficult journey.