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Brides Share Stories Of The Rude Wedding Guests Who Ruined Their Big Day (20 Stories)

A couple’s wedding day is supposed to be one of their most magical days together. The soon-to-be-married pair will likely invest a significant amount of money and time to create the ideal ceremony.

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But while you can control some things, like finding the perfect band or caterer, you can’t always control your guests.

In a viral Reddit thread, one user asked the question: “Who was the rudest guest at your wedding?”

Other Redditors were quick to chime with their own experiences, which included everything from demanding uncles and outrageous aunts to terrible in-laws.

Here are 20 stories of rude wedding guests that may make you want to double-check your invitation list.

1. The BIL’s best friend’s “girlfriend”

At my wedding I was trying to make a point to say hi to as many people as I could during cocktail hour so I could enjoy the reception. My brother in law was our officiant and he asked if he could invited his best friend with a plus 1. Seemed reasonable enough. I’d met the best friend enough times but never his girlfriend. So I spot them and go to say hi. Best friend hugs and kisses me. I turn to the girl he’s with and say, “Oh you must be Nick’s girlfriend!”

Girl nearly spills her drink. She gives me such a look of contempt and says loud enough that everyone with in 30 feet can hear, “Excuse me? I’m not his girlfriend I’m his FIANCÉ.” And she turns and walks away from me. Nick just shrugs and walks away. Obviously we weren’t invited to their wedding the next year…


2. An uncle who wouldn’t quit

My uncle kept demanding that god doesn’t recognize my marriage because it wasn’t done in a Catholic church and that my husband and I will never last bc he’ll probably cheat on me in a few years when things “inevitably become stale”.

I tried telling him I don’t believe in the same things as him and wasn’t concerned, so he got louder instead and I had to just walk away. Definitely gave my surrounding cousins a good laugh though, he does stuff like this a lot.


3. Mama needs love too!

In lieu of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner, my MiL got up to announce that she was getting married that next Wednesday. She wore her winter-white micro-mini skirt wedding suit to the ceremony the next day.


4. The father-in-law who misplaced the rings

My FIL. As Best Man, he carried my ring in his pocket. He went outside to smoke his pipe before the ceremony and was fiddling with the ring and dropped it in the grass. It was night. The wedding was delayed as everyone got flashlights to help look for it. No one told me what was going on. They couldn’t find it, so my MIL let my husband borrow her anniversary band, that was fancy and had diamonds in it. When the time came, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a fancier ring than we had chosen. I thought it was a surprise for me. My MIL approached me after the ceremony and told me there was no way I was keeping it. A few minutes later someone out in the yard actually FOUND MY RING! At the reception, my FIL vomited on my dress.


5. Trashy police

My ex MIL. One of my bridesmaids was dancing with a drink in her hand at our reception and my MIL tapped her on the arm and loudly asked if she could put the drink down while she danced because “she was looking trashy”. Bridesmaid told me later, because “her gift to me was not tearing that woman apart on the spot”.


6. No shows!

I guess this is a common one but once during my brother’s wedding I invited a friend and plus one because she was married. This chick was on the phone with me for 20 mins begging to invite her mother as well who wanted to see a different type of wedding (they are from a different culture). I relented only because one of my other friends canceled. Guess what, none of them showed up. Ex-friend I should say.


7. Awkward auntie

Not mine, but my sisters wedding. An aunt brought a piñata in the shape of a woman so the groom could have something to “pop” that night since my sister wasn’t a virgin (she had a child from her 1st marriage) My cousin and I took care of it and it never made its way into the reception thank goodness.


8. Never a right time to say goodbye…

My mom and dad walked from table to table and “quietly” told everyone that they were separating.


9. A pessimistic beau

Met a friend’s boyfriend at a wedding. We carpooled since it was out in the middle of nowhere. He started by insisting she buy him new jeans at Costco so he could wear his “good boots”. This wedding was in August in a barn. Most of the men were wearing nice shorts and button up shirts, so this guy was sweating his ass off.

During the service, we were standing at the back because of limited seating. He started saying things like “don’t do it” “marriage is bullshit” & “let’s get to the libations”. It was loud enough that rows of people were glaring back at us. By this point, we were distancing ourselves as much as possible from him.

After the ceremony, which we thankfully found out they couldn’t hear him up front, the reception got started. He threw some tantrum about being tired from working all day and went to rest in his truck. I think he was too hot and refused to admit he overdressed He ended up sleeping in his truck with the engine running and air conditioner blasting. 


10. Tempting offering!

When I was 16 I sat next to my uncle at my other uncles wedding. He kept offering me more and more money to object. I didn’t do it, but at 16, $500 to make a fool of yourself at a wedding is very tempting.


11. Attention-seeking dad

My attention-seeking dad cut my sister’s speech short, taking the mic and did his speech before the best man. One of the points in his speech was something about how he was supposed to do the first speech. Another point was how my husband and I didn’t know each other that long (15 months) and basically that we were rushing. I was so hurt and embarrassed, it took a lot of strength to not tear up and run out of the room. I just tried to forget about it after it was said and done because I didn’t want him to ruin my wedding day.

I feel like I should also add that when he walked me down the aisle, he didn’t want to sit down after handing me off to my husband. I was not paying attention to him because he was standing behind me, but my mom (his ex wife) in the front row had to tell him to sit down.


12. Sentimental mama

At my wedding (we’re long divorced) my MIL gave a speech that included all the details about my husband’s trip down the birth canal. More than 10 years on and my friends and family still talk about it.


13. “My out of town relatives were rough…”

They insisted on a ton of family photos to the point my husband and i lost almost all our time to take pictures together. Before the reception we took 5 photos right next to a dumpster and i honestly was and still am upset we couldn’t get more personal photos together on our day.


14. The officiant did it

My officiant was over an hour late, brought her adult daughter, and ate all my bacon wrapped scallops. When we asked for a refund, she wrote a letter telling us we were going to hell.

I tried giving her poor reviews; she changed her business name and kept going.


15. Grandma had enough

My grandmother walked out halfway through my vows. Still don’t actually know why cause we haven’t spoke since. She just said to my aunt “right, I’ve had enough” and off she went to wait in my aunts car. My uncle had to miss the first half of our reception just driving the old hag home.


16. Sweetheart table interruption

My husband and I had a sweetheart table at our wedding, which I appreciated because it allowed us to have time together during the hectic schedule of a wedding. When we finally got a chance to sit with each other after making our rounds and taking more photos, we were served dessert and were enjoying each other’s company. A few people from one family thought it was appropriate to grab seats and pull them up to our sweetheart table. Slowly that entire family started pulling more chairs to our table and completely blocked me out. To make matters worse, they also thought it was a great idea to drag a guest who got way too drunk at the open bar for us to babysit for the night.


17. A–hole aunt

My wife’s aunt ignored our signs and announcements to not take photos during the ceremony and leave it to our paid, professional, photographers. That a–hole aunt stood in the main aisle taking photos of my wife and her father walking down the aisle, ruining our photographer’s photos of the procession. When I finally got the photos she took 6 months later, they were low resolution and out of focus. I spent upwards of 10 hours in Photoshop trying to composite one, single, decent, photo but ended up losing hope. She also got overly drunk and wouldn’t stop harassing my already married Uncle. Years later and I still don’t like that lady.


18. “My nan found a loophole…”

My nan found a loophole to the no phone rule during the ceremony and used her gigantic iPad instead. So all of my cousins beautiful professional photos of her walking down the aisle have my nan and her iPad blocking her.


19. “An emotional terrorist”

Ex-MIL was basically an emotional terrorist. Just the worst kind of person. Made my mom cry while we we all doing pictures because she was loudly complaining to everyone within earshot that she wasn’t allowed to help plan or do anything. She was asked several times to help but was always “too busy”. She also started a fight with my ex the week of the wedding and threatened not to come.


20. “Are we done yet?”

My dad – 30sec into the father-daughter dance (which I had already had the DJ edit down to a reasonable 2.5min), he asks “are we done yet?” Ummmmm….