A Wedding Guest Loaded 10 Tupperware Containers With Buffet Food And Left A $5 Gift

Imagine being so off your rocker that you think it is acceptable to bring multiple Tupperware containers into a wedding reception. Just like, sit with that as your reality for a moment.

It’s hard, right?

A woman’s story about a wedding guest stealing food went viral on Reddit recently — and for good reason. The whole thing is a bizarre abdication of social mores. And the gift the guest left for the couple? Good lord.

Here’s the tale:

My husband and I had a very small wedding ceremony and reception, probably about 25 people were invited. Only close family and a handful of friends. I invited my dad’s bff, so he’d have someone to socialize with, other than my mom (since they literally spend 24/7 with each other), plus his friend has always been good to me.

The OP and her husband were having a small (~25 person) wedding. A few days before the wedding, her dad’s friend asks to bring her family. Bride says sure! But then…

Anyway, a few days before the wedding, my dad’s friend asked him if it’s okay if his daughter and her husband came, and I didn’t have a problem with it.

This woman comes without her husband and child, but with Tupperware containers to take food from the buffet.

So she shows up, without her husband, but with about 10 Tupperware containers. TO TAKE FOOD. We had a buffet style wedding (I’m Polish in Western PA, and it’s kinda tradition in our area) and we had a cookie table (look it up – also tradition, and amazing).

She took food, cookies, beer, and the centerpieces. OP was busy being married so she didn’t really notice this happening. Her dad let her know the next day … and then… OP opened her gift…

She loaded up 7 Tupperware containers with food to take home, took about 3 containers of homemade cookies, a couple of bottles of beer, and most the centerpieces. I didn’t notice any of this, because I was too busy with the whole wedding – but my dad told me about it the next day. And when we opened up our “gift” from her – she gave us $5. Not even kidding. A five dollar bill.

A five dollar bill. That was it. The end.

Before anyone asks, she’s not poor by any stretch of the imagination. She’s probably better off than I am, and I’m assuming it’s because she just freeloads from anyone and everyone she can! But seriously! Who tf does this?

So yeah, this was super friggin weird, right? Here’s what some esteemed Redditors thought:

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