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Attention Airbnb Renters: Don’t Let Guests Draw On Your Walls

Airbnb has become quite the phenomenon. It’s allowing people to experience traveling in a completely different way. And it’s bringing people together, as homeowners are opening their houses to people they’ve never even met before. It can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes, well….weird things happen. In this particular case, Reddit user dosskn has a giant chalkboard wall at home where guests can leave messages. Totally cool idea, right? Well, yeah. Except for the fact that many of us have the maturity of a 14-year-old boy and would take the opportunity to put that maturity boldly on display. Shall we have a look at what this Airbnb renter came home to?

(I must warn you, it’s probably slightly NSFW, so scroll at your own risk)


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Looks like someone has seriously been practicing their dick drawing. It’s like that one scene from “Superbad” but on steroids. Then again, if it were on steroids it would probably be a much smaller drawing. Anyway, thanks for reading this very informative and important article. Feel free to share it with your loved ones.

(via dosskn)

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