People Are Sharing The “Creepiest, Most Unexplainable” Thing They’ve Seen (25 Posts)


I’ve told this story on here before. I used to live in really rural Texas and was driving down a FM (farm to market) road during some very thick fog. I was in an old pickup truck, and was going maybe 20-30 mph because I couldn’t see very far ahead (super glad I was). As I came around a turn I saw through the fog this big hulking figure lurching across the road. I slowed down, pulled up near it to pass and saw what was the biggest hog I’ve ever seen in my life. A good 400 pounds certainly. It was dead (probably destoryed whatever car hit it) and dragging it to the side of the road an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE white shaggy dog.

Y’all this dog. I was in a pickup truck, and this dog made eye contact with me, lifted its head, and stared me level in the eye for what felt like an eternity. I stopped my truck and stared I was so caught off guard. After probably a few seconds (felt like forever) it put its head back down, grabbed a chunk of hog and continued making its way off the road.

To break it down, this dog was smart enough to move the animal it wanted to eat, large and strong enough to drag a 400ish pound hog across pavement, and tall enough to look me in the eye IN A PICKUP. I will never forget those eyes. It had mud stained white fur, a big block head, and a long wolfy tail. It looked almost like a Pyrenees (common around there) but with a big St. Bernard shaped head and double the normal size. Big glowing yellow eyes. I have no idea if it was some freak mutant farm dog, a spirit, a wolf, or what, but I’d like to never see it again.



A number of years ago, I was using an on-line chat site and got talking to a woman who claimed to live around 50 miles from me. We chatted quite happily for a couple of days, then on the third day – a Saturday night – she was on-line and we were chatting, but she seemed different somehow. Something just didn’t seem right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She explained that she was drinking and I assumed that this was the reason behind the melancholy. We continued chatting and she put on a cam so I could see her there drinking as we chatted. Over a couple hours of chatting her mood appeared to grow darker and she appeared distressed but was hesitant to elaborate further. She left and returned around 30 minutes later and appeared drunker and more distressed. This time she had a stack of tablets on the table in front of her. She claimed that she couldn’t go on and started to take tablet after tablet. (I had no idea what this medication was). She was continuing to take more and more tablets and her speech was getting more and more slurred. I was suddenly in a terrible position. Was I seeing someone take their own life on a live stream and totally unable to do anything, all I had was a name and a town, both of which could be false. I made the excuse of needing the toilet and left the room, and took this opportunity to call my local Police and explained the situation. The Police took what details I knew and I was told to go back and try and keep her talking and try and get further details from her. They sent a plain clothed officer to my house and whilst I was chatting to her he pulled up the chat logs and history on his laptop. By this time her speech was becoming more and more incoherent and the cam was knocked so was impossible to see her. Soon the connection was lost. Was this real, was it fake I had no idea of knowing. The Police officer was during this time on the phone with the station giving them what information he had been able to obtain, he then left leaving me to contemplate. The next evening I got a call from the local Police station, who wanted to thank me. The Police had managed to trace her through her IP address and had been able to attend. It apparently was a genuine suicide attempt and she had been taken to hospital and was subsequently undergoing treatment.



When I was about 11 or 12 I went with my friend and my younger brother to play football in a park that was in a pretty remote place so there were never many people. Basically three or four people came dressed in like Victorian style clothes , set up a box underneath a tree with big branches, tied a rope around it, one of them stood there with this noose around his neck and then his friend kicked the box so he was hanging. They took turns doing this, and we left. Was super weird thinking back to it and I have to check with my brother whenever I think about it to make sure it actually happened.



I use to live in the middle of nowhere. The town had less than 200 people in it.

I use to work through the night in one of the metro areas and it was about a 40 minute drive with about 15 of it on a county road. I use to think I would see shit in the fields (coyotes, deer, etc) all the time. Never thought twice.

WELL, one morning I was on my way home (about 3 AM) and we had a little bridge to cross right before we got to our road. As I’m closing in on crossing the bridge I can see something pearl white just hanging out in the middle of the road. Thought it was probably a swan and it would move. As I got closer I realized that swans are NOT that big. I was in a F150 and it was at eye level with me. When it’s wings opened up it literally covered both lanes of traffic. I swerved to miss it, but hit some of the wing. I slammed on my breaks and turned around. Whatever it was was 100% gone without a trace. Never saw it again.

If it was a bird, that’s the fucking biggest bird I have ever seen.

Oh, and I did not a live by anything considered to be a “large body of water”.



Not technically seen, but heard.

When I was about 15 I willingly stayed home alone to look after my pets while my family went on a cruise, one night I heard the distinct sound of the old kitchen window open, freaked out and hid in the cupboard.

Was so afraid that I called the police, they showed up soon after, one stayed with me and the other went around outside to check the window. Window was closed, no footprints, no marks on the window or anything.

To this day I’m puzzled by this and am still confident that I really did hear that window open.



I was working in a retail store in a pretty sketchy area. There was this lady who was obviously a heavy drug user or ex-drug user. She must have been in her 50s or 60s. She was notorious on my block for being a crazy, but she’d visit me all the time and told me she thought I was cute. It was really bizarre cause she looked like a crackhead, but she’d act like a teenage girl around me. I tried to be nice to her cause she was known for being volatile.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve she packed an entire Christmas dinner which she told me was all home cooked Guyanese food and a cologne set. As she was leaving she just squats down on the floor and throws her hand up and starts cackling. Yes, cackling which faded to a giggle. Never saw her again.



Several years ago my friends and I were road tripping cross country, and we stopped at a campsite in Southern Oregon.

Something about this unassuming place made us all uneasy. It felt like everyone was staring at us as we drove in and set up our tents. We’d gotten that treatment in places where we’d stuck out, but here it seemed less like gawking and more like… suspicion? malice?

The sun set, our gear was set up, and we got in the car to smoke some (legal) weed before bed. We were talking and passing a pipe around, and my friend in the backseat had the door cracked with his knee against it.

With no warning something slammed into the car hard enough that backseat friend was pushed away from the door and the whole car rocked on its suspension. We immediately started the engine, turned on the brights and drove around our area looking.


We fell asleep in the car arguing over if anyone was willing to get our gear before we went to a motel.



When i was a kid i was playing in our kitchen when i saw a huge dark figure walk past the kitchen and down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I walked to our back patio and saw the rest of my family watching tv. The patio is on the opposite side of the house from the hallway. I walked to the hallway and started looking for who it couldve been but never found anyone. Still have no idea who or what it couldve been but its always creeped me out thinking about it.



Back when i was 9 or so, me and my friend were having a sleepover. His parents were at a dinner, and his brother was out getting stoned somewhere. Anyways, it was probably 9PM, his parents had just called and said that dinner had turned into drinks, and they would be out for a little while longer. Anyways, we were young, playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360. When we heard his front door open. It had a very noticeable noise when it opened, very creaky, almost eerie So, we thought ‘Oh it’s probably just your brother.’ and kept playing, thinking nothing of it. Then, we heard footsteps, on the floor above us. We once again thought nothing of it, seeing as his kitchen was above the basement where we were playing games, and his brother was likely there for mid-high munchies. But then. we heard another set of footsteps. We were confused at this point, but we didn’t worry as it was either his parents or a stoner friend of his brother. We then heard a scratching at the basement door. We both looked at each other like ‘Is that just me or is there a scratching’ (He didn’t have any pets) So, me being the oldest by 2 months, went to go check. I opened the door and there was nothing there. I yelled upstairs to his brother, lets call him Jim. “Jim, you’re not scaring us. Stop it!” No reply. So i sat back down and continued playing. Now, there was a scratching on the window. We were honestly terrified, and we stayed seated, one of use looking at the door, the other looking at the window. Then, again, scratching at the door. I opened it with a baseball bat in hand, and nothing. We barricaded the door, and put things in front of the window. We didn’t hear anything for the next half an hour, and eventually fell asleep. The next morning his dad came down and knocked on the door, and tried to get into the basement, We took down the barricade, and his dad came into the room, furious. “Why the hell did you guys rip open the screen door?!” We went upstairs and sure enough, the front door’s screen was shredded. We tried to convince him that it wasn’t us, and that the brother had done it to scare us. But what he said next made our blood run cold. “Jim wasn’t home at all last night. We dropped him off in the city with his friends.” (My friends house was half an hour away from the city, and none of the people at his friends house had cars.) Me and my friend looked at each other, and couldn’t speak. Needless to say, his parents didn’t believe us, they called my parents, and me and my friend had to split the cost to have the basement door replaced (it had tons of scratch marks as well) and the screen door replaced. Me and my friend still bring this up to this day whenever we meet.



I work as an adult novelty store manager with a theatre so please envision the kind of customers I get. I had this regular who was nice enough and we always exchanged pleasantries and small talk. One day we said goodbye and as he went to leave he stopped dead in his tracks and came back to the counter. He told me that he ignores it every time but today it wouldn’t let him. So naturally I ask what the hell is he talking about. He proceeds to tell me that there is and older black man who is with me 24/7. He sees him every time I’m in the store. The older black man just stands next to me watching me and smiling. At that point a chill ran up my spine because no one in that store knows besides my boss that I’m half black and my 65 year old black father that I was so close to passed in 2014. I said the usual “wow” and “oh my god” so I wouldn’t give anything away to see what else he says to see if it’s legit. The customer proceeds to tell me that the man (my father) is sad about about his kids not doing what he’s asked them to do and one particular child i has greatly disappointed him. The man (my father) also wants the customer to tell me how much he loves his wife even though she’s married again. At this point I have tears in my eyes because how would this man know there’s conflict between me and my siblings because of my dads death. How would this man know my mother is married again? He kept mentioning that he could feel a strong religious pull with my father. My father was a preacher. He told me a bunch of other things and asked if I was pregnant. I told him no but apparently my next child will have my father’s soul according to him. My 2 year old son looks like my father and loves his favorite songs.

I have never seen that man again.