That’s An, Umm, Interesting Way To Solve The Problem (16 Pics)

I’m a millennial and I may not have the tools or skillset my grandfathers had to fix anything. I sure as hell don’t have the money to pay someone. At this point in life, I plan to make friends with people who know how to fix shit. Pretty soon I won’t be able to use the excuse of there being a pandemic but I’ll start by finding these people who found a way to make it work. These people found practical ways to fix things.

1. You’ll never need to get out of bed again.

2. “We were painting a house and ran out of poles. This was our solution.”

3. Found this scooter on my way to the pharmacy.

4. Good as new.

5. When you ask the architect for a boathouse and the plan backfires…

6. “How to turn on 2 lights at the same time”

7. “New door handle… Absolutely beautiful….”

8. 9 out of 10 car thieves can’t (or don’t want to) open this lock.

9. “My neighbor doesn’t need a fancy hammock.”

10. Kid wanted a boat for the pool, but it wasn’t included in this year’s budget…